A Few TV Shows I Love as Much as My Kids Do

Next time your kids ask for screen time, try putting on one of these shows. At the very least, they won’t make you feel like screaming the second you hear the theme song. And for parents of small kids… we’ll call that a win.

Have you ever sat down to watch a show with your child, only to find yourself wishing you could throw the entire TV out the window because it’s just so annoying? There are some kids’ shows that seem like they were only invented as a cruel joke on parents!

In order to refrain from actually throwing out the TV, I usually opt for programs that I don’t mind watching with my kids. Some of them are even downright enjoyable!


If you haven’t watched this children’s show about an adorable family of Australian Blue Heelers on Disney +, let me assure you… the hype is accurate. Short episodes make it the perfect show for younger kids, but the stories and jokes can be appreciated by family members of all ages.

Exploring themes such as sibling interactions, learning through play, and family dynamics, this show often manages to make me laugh, cry, and everything in between. And it’s not just me! Most parents I know love Bluey more than any other kid’s show I know of.

Daniel Tiger

Daniel Tiger is a PBS kids program that is set in the imaginary neighborhood that was originally portrayed in the show Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. This animated spin-off stays true to the spirit of the original Neighborhood by emphasizing friendship, kindness, managing our emotions in a healthy way, and standing up for what’s right.

Because each episode used a short song to repeat the lesson being made, it’s easy to use the songs in everyday life with young children. Daniel Tiger’s parents are also great examples of gentle parents who teach emotional regulation and the importance of inclusion and respect.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again

For kids who are a little older, The Magic School Bus Rides Again on Netflix is the continuation of the adventures had by the original Magic School Bus kids. In this reboot, Ms. Frizzle is off to explore new places while her little sister Fiona takes over the class.

With updated science and relevant topics such as climate change and technological advancement, this show is ideal for elementary school kids. I’ve even learned a thing or two from sitting down to watch with my kids!

Remember, screen time for kids will ideally be an addition to a day full of personal interactions and active movement. While some days might include more screen time than others, try to aim for at least an hour of physical activity each day for your kids, and get as much time outdoors as possible.

Screens are pretty much inevitable for most families. Teaching our kids that we can enjoy screen time as well as make time to move our bodies and connect with our loved ones will help them set the stage for responsible use of technology going forward.

Bethany Robin

Bethany has been blogging about the struggles, pitfalls, and just plain insanity of parenting as a millennial since her oldest was born in 2015. She's also worked extensively as a doula and has four children of her own, including toddler twins.

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