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Clubba Finance Club — For Kids Who Love Money

by Jenny Heitz

Think about teaching your child life skills, and changing a tire or cooking dinner might pop up first on your list. But what about managing, investing, and understanding finances? That’s something schools simply don’t teach, but Clubba Finance Club — and kids from 6 to 13 are loving it.

Clubba’s Finance Club is a virtual extracurricular club that truly educates your child about money, in all its practical incarnations. It’s the brainchild of Clubba co-founder and CEO, Ifrah Khan, who studied finance in college and loved it. 

“It was surprising to me that we literally do not learn finance at school unless we are actually finance majors,” she tells Parentology. “I was into it, and now my little brother is 13 and just got really into stocks and crypto. I realized Gen Z kids are really into money-making, financial literacy, getting debit cards, and investing. So why not educate them? Schools definitely don’t.”

A Loaded Ledger of Fun

Clubba Finance Club’s counselors are all young finance majors with teaching experience. They’re up to date on the latest financial trends, and kids learn practical money skills, like investing in the stock market, through simulated competitions with club peers. 

Finance Club members learn about many aspect of banking and the markets, including:

  • What are debit and credit cards, and how to manage them.
  •  Expenses, wants, needs, investments, and savings.
  •  Taxes — what they are and why we pay them.
  •  Stock market and trading.
  •  How to make money.

There’s even a section on  why cryptocurrency is relevant, and where the student participate in a simulated trading competition.

“The Finance Club has a 50/50 ratio of boys to girls, which I love,” Khan says. “It’s definitely a Gen Z kid who keeps asking their parents for a debit card and has started becoming interested in stocks and even crypto. Parents love how we educate them and, then as a reward, they’ll get their kid their first debit card.”

Easy Sign Up, and Growth Is Assured

There are two clubs, one for ages 6-9 and one for ages 10-13. And, with only five participants in each club, kids get plenty of attention and time.

Each club session is an hour and runs for four weeks or eight weeks; however, many kids continue on and move up into higher club levels. Khan makes sure to keep the club finance-focused, but still super friendly and social.

“They make new like-minded friends and have a relatable finance mentor,” she says. “It’s a really cool dynamic and we keep it social with a big focus on community and friendship since it’s a club.”

For many adults, understanding finances can be challenging. Clubba Finance Club changes that, creating an innovative and fun way for kids to learn about money, and giving them an education that’ll stand them in good stead in the future.