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CodeSpark Academy Review – Why Kids & Parents Love This Coding Game

by Larry Duncan

It’s no secret that we are living in an increasingly digital world, and that means more jobs in the future. While only 47% of high schools offer a Computer Science class and only 11% of STEM bachelor degrees are in Computer Science, plenty of independent companies are stepping in to fill the void.

Enter codeSpark Academy, a company working hard to bridge the gap between the need for more computer science education in early education and the lack of classes in schools. This review of codeSpark Academy tells you what it is, if your child might like it, and how to score a free month when signing up.

codeSpark Academy Review

CodeSpark Academy teaches kids ages 5 through 9 the basics of coding through a fun and engaging game. There are tons of puzzles involved in the game, each one geared to teach children the fundamental concepts of coding. By completing the puzzles, children learn everything from sequencing and conditional statements to events and Boolean logic. Their intuitive, word-free interface even allows kids to learn to code before they have learned to read.

The app is populated by a colorful cast of cartoon-like characters known as the Foos. In Foosville, children learn the core coding concepts mentioned above while helping Foos like Safari Sam the Zoologist and Gracie of the Foosville Police find lost items, care for pets, feed diners, and sort candy. Once kids have mastered the puzzles available, they can use the app to make their own games.

The app was created with inclusion in mind and the intention of increasing engagement among young girls and closing the gender gap in STEM. Many of the Foos have traditionally female characteristics, but they are never depicted as being in need of rescue. They solve their own problems with the help of the student coders.

codespark academy Review
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One of the best aspects is that the app is always evolving — both in terms of what’s offered and what the kids can create. So it’s not something they will “complete” if they’re enjoying it.

Likewise, the coding-based learning fostered by codeSpark Academy and the Foos is about more than learning the fundamentals of Computer Science. It is also designed to help kids develop other important life skills that will bolster their success throughout their academic careers and beyond. These include:

  • Basic problem-solving
  • Logical thinking skills
  • Creativity
  • Persistence
  • Confidence


Kids can be fickle, so codeSpark Academy normally offers a free week trial. However, Parentology readers can get a free month trial for a limited time. That way they can try it out, see if it engages them, and then you’ll know whether or not it’s worth the money.

Both annual and monthly membership plans are available, and you can cancel the membership at any time.

SAVE 33% — Right now, codeSpark Academy is offering 33% off the monthly price, if you pay for an annual membership in advance.

Every codeSpark Academy membership includes.

  • Unlimited coding challenges
  • New skills every week
  • 100s of educational puzzles
  • Unlimited access to creative suite

And you can get access for up to 3 children, which is a great bargain if you have more than one coding-curious kid at home.

The future of technology is constantly evolving, and codeSpark Academy helps instill the knowledge and life skills children will need to succeed in the 21st century. Sign up for their one-month free trial here.

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