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Finding Qualified Caregivers for People with Special Needs Just Got Easier

by Larry Duncan
Qualified Caregivers for Special Needs Joshin

Finding professional caregivers you trust in your home can be a challenge for any family. This challenge is especially difficult for families that include children or adults with special needs. But that’s about to change.

Joshin is the first and largest care platform designed specifically for individuals and families with special needs. They provide listings for a wide range of vetted, knowledgeable caregivers ranging from medical professionals, sitters, nannies, tutors, and more. Families can browse the listings to find the caregiver perfect for them or post a job and have the potential applicants come to them.

Qualified Caregivers for Special Needs

In this country, childcare tends to focus on children under the age of 12, and eldercare is focused on adults age 65 and older. This leaves a substantial gap for children and adults between the ages of 13 and 64 — particularly those with special needs or disabilities. For this underserved community, the support and resources have simply not been there.

That’s where Joshin comes in.

After filling out an initial Care Plan questionnaire, Joshin automatically provides families with a list of caregivers in their area matching their specifications. The Care Plan can be adjusted at any time to add more information including routines, health needs, behaviors, and goals. Posting a Job translates your Care Plan into a listing that all caregivers in their area can view and respond to.

The final step is for families to choose a membership plan. Once they become a member, they will be able to message caregivers and book care dates.

And the best news? Membership plans can be paid for directly or through Medicaid.

Beyond posting care needs to the platform, a Joshin membership allows families to:

  • Access Joshin’s network of caregivers with at least 6 months of special needs care experience, extensive background checks, and ongoing criminal monitoring.
  • Exchange unlimited messaging and conduct in-platform video interviews with caregivers.
  • Schedule Care Dates, pay caregivers, and leave reviews.
  • Consult with a dedicated Joshin team member if you need, and much more.

Founded From the Heart

Twin sisters, Melissa Danielsen and Melanie Fountaine’s story is a lot like yours. Their brother Josh had epilepsy and developmental disabilities. Growing up, they struggled to find reliable, quality care. So they thought through everything they’d want in a service, and built it themselves — where accessibility isn’t just an add-on, it’s at the heart of the experience.

“No two people are alike. When it comes to special needs and health conditions, there is no one-size-fits-all solution,” Melissa and Melanie told Parentology. “We believe in care beyond conditions. We don’t check boxes, we build friendships. And our caregivers are willing and able to adapt to your specific needs.”

With Joshin, Melissa and Melanie have provided the resource that families with special needs have desperately needed by creating an easy, safe, and affordable way to find a caregiver that meets their specific needs.

Caring for a family member with special needs is challenging — but there is hope. Visit the Joshin site to learn more.