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Getting Your Child a Cell Phone for Christmas? You Need This!

by Parentology

If you bought your child a new phone for Christmas, here’s a cell phone monitoring program/app for parents that you’ll want.

Qustodio is a life-saving program that not only lets you view your child’s social network activity, but also lets you read the text messages they send and receive on their phone – and more.

As parents, we want to give our children freedom to make their own mistakes, but when it comes to cell phones, there are a lot of challenges out there. From cyberbullying to sexting and online predators, kids need to be more responsible than ever. Unfortunately, they don’t always recognize threats the way parents do.

That’s why Qustodio is so great. It lets you keep a watchful eye on your child’s online activities so they don’t become a victim of internet predators, bad influences, or poor mistakes. Qustodio lets you view your child’s:

  • Incoming and outgoing texts and calls
  • A child’s browser and search history
  • The time kids spend on apps and social networks
  • Your child’s location

Qustodio even lets you view and block all your child’s phone apps, block explicit content, and set screen limits on the phone, games, or apps. You can even monitor their Facebook and YouTube use. So if you don’t want them using their phones during class, church, dinner — or for any reason — you can easily shut them down.

Easy to Install

Installation couldn’t be simpler. Just download Qustodio on every kids’ device, including smartphones, tablets, and/or desktops, then use your own smartphone or computer to supervise their activity. It even works on most iOS, Android, Kindle, Mac, and Windows devices. 

Best of all, Qustodio offers a FREE TRIAL. After that, the price is very affordable and varies depending on the number of devices you want to enroll. For the most basic plan, it’s less than $5 a month and covers five devices.

Whether you’re giving your child a cell phone for the first time and just want to keep an eye on them, or you have a teen exposed to more than they’re ready to handle, Qustodio could be a great way to safely keep an eye on them, and offer help and love when needed.

Visit Qustodio to learn more.

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