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Kids Back In School? Here’s How to Get Them On Track Again

by Larry Duncan

The pandemic has been erratic, chaotic, and downright frustrating for parents and kids alike, and the situation has left many adults fearing for their children’s academic futures. Now that schools are reopening, parents are worried that their kids will be far behind their normal grade level due to the COVID slide.

Fortunately, there’s help for students and parents alike.

The Teacher Marketplace (TTM) is an amazing online resource to find a good tutor for your child, anywhere in the country, at a cost that fits any parent’s budget.

TTM connects accredited teachers and tutors with families for both virtual and in-person private teaching and tutoring. They offer listings for thousands of teachers specializing in a wide array of subjects — from math and science to art, music, and test prep — and cover students from pre-k all the way to college. 

With TTM,  parents have the flexibility and control to select the tutor that fits their kid’s needs, at a time that works for their family, and a price they can afford.

How The Teacher Marketplace Works

Visit The Teacher Marketplace, enter whether you want to schedule a tutor for in-person or remote sessions, where you live for in-person sessions, and the child’s age group. TTM then provides detailed listings for every teacher in their database that matches these specifications. From there, you can narrow your search by hourly rate, subject, and even whether or not the teacher has received their COVID vaccination.

Using TTM makes finding a qualified, experienced private teacher:

  • Accessible — Teachers who meet your child’s specific academic needs and schedule are only a few clicks away
  • Affordable — By creating a marketplace where teachers set their own rate and keep 100% of what they charge, parents can choose a candidate that fits any family’s budget
  • Safe — Accredited teachers who have received background checks from the screening firm Sterling are easily recognizable by the badge or shield on their profile page 

Created By Parents, For Parents

Brothers Nat and Ben Brogadir developed TTM out of a need they saw arise during the pandemic: Giving kids anywhere and from different income levels access to affordable academic instruction outside of the classroom. By allowing teachers to set their own pay requirements, TTM is able to expand access to tutoring.

“We built this marketplace for every family,” Ben tells Parentology. “Regardless of economic status, you can find incredibly affordable teachers.” Nat adds, “If you have an hour between school and soccer practice, a student should be able to log in and book extra help with a few clicks.”

The brothers believe so strongly in their mission of helping families find a good, affordable tutor, that they’re offering a special deal to Parentology readers. To access thousands of well-qualified, vetted teachers for in-person or virtual tutoring sessions, use the promo code parentology and you can join The Teachers Marketplace for FREE.

The pandemic upended kids’ academic lives, but The Teacher Marketplace can help. See how to get kids back on track with the right teacher-tutor today.