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How to Find Great Shopping Deals and Discounts Online

by Parentology

Looking to save money on all the things you need or want? Who doesn’t? And now Savetastic, one of the most trusted shopping deal sites in the country, recently launched the Savetastic Chrome Extension to help shoppers find the best discounts and online savings available.

And the best part? It works really well and is super easy to use.

“Our team is made up of industry insiders who know all the secrets to saving big money, and we’ve made that info available with an easy-to-use extension that brings the discounts right to your desktop,” said a spokesperson from Savetastic.

How Savetastic Works

The Savetastic Chrome Extension assists people to find discounts everywhere they shop on the web. All you need to do is download the extension to get started. Once the extension is downloaded, just shop online like you’d normally do. The Chrome Extension automatically alerts you:

  • For better prices and/or discounts for your favorite store.
  • If there is free shipping or discounts using a coupon code.
  • Other deals available on that same website.
  • Select qualifying purchases that offer cash-back bonuses.

“We’ve partnered with some of the biggest names in retail, from Amazon, Macy’s, Walmart and Sam’s Club to Ulta Beauty and Best Buy. We also discovered many cool boutique businesses that shoppers will love,” the Savetastic spokesperson added. The brand also features stores for baby products, pets, flowers, computers, appliances, travel and more.

Savetastic was born during the pandemic as many families were stuck at home and looking for ways to save money. So, along with the Extension, Savetastic also brings a good number of money-saving tips and advice through its website, 

Whether shopping for a new car or designer shoes, wanting to save money on car insurance or cell phone service, or just looking to make a little extra money on the side, Savetastic has the information that a shopper needs to succeed.

To browse Savetastic’s partner merchants and learn more about the extension (which is currently only availabel on Chrome browsers), visit

New deals and partners are being added to the platform regularly. With this, Savetastic advises its followers and users to check back often. If there’s a specific retailer that shoppers want the brand to know about, Savetastic suggests they send a note via the website’s Contact Us section.

About Savetastic

Savetastic is America’s top destination for money-saving tips, tricks, and secrets. Its platform, the Savetastic Chrome Extension, scours the internet for the very best offers online. The brand helps families and individuals find the things they want at prices they’ll love. With Savetastic, all people need is to do the shopping and Savetastic delivers the savings.