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How to Get Free Baby Supplies, Diapers & More

by Eric Sanchez

Mom always said that if something seemed too good to be true, it probably was. But if you’re looking to get free baby supplies — like diapers, books, baby formula, and discounts on everything new moms need — then we have found a company that actually delivers.

Your Baby Club is a new service that moms in the United States and the United Kingdom absolutely love. With one quick sign up, you can get tons of great free baby products delivered right to your door and with no strings attached. What kind of things are they offering?

  • $400 of Enfamil Products, Formula & More
  • Free buybuy Baby Goody Bag
  • Amazon Baby Welcome Box
  • 2 Free children’s books
  • Free Child Safety Kit

Plus, you’ll be entered to win $1000s of dollars worth of products (like a new $300 breast pump) in their huge exclusive giveaway competitions.

How It Works

Visit Your Baby Club and choose the products and discounts you want from major-name companies. Next, fill out your contact information (so they know where to ship the items) as well as basic info on your baby (sex and birth date) so that any offers are tailored to your child’s age.

After accepting those initial items, you are shown additional freebies, discount offers, and giveaways you may also like. If you’re interested, sign up by checking the box. If not, then move on to the next offer.

Worried about SPAM? Don’t be. You can opt-out and unsubscribe from any newsletter or mailing list at any time.

How Can This Be Free?

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Why would major brands like Dove, Huggies, Enfamil and buybuy Baby give their inventory away? It’s simple — they want to market their products and services to you.

In the world of advertising, the cost of shipping you free baby diapers or free infant formula is far cheaper than paying for expensive ads on websites or in stores. With you signing up, these businesses are finding the exact customer they’re looking for, rather than placing ads in public and hoping for the best. It also gives them the opportunity to get their products into your home, where they expect you’ll fall in love with them.

Plus, if they follow that free sample with a coupon or discount for your next purchase, they expect you’re even more likely to buy in the future.

Growing Popularity

The concept is so popular that more than a million moms have joined so far. And, with 40,000 moms signing up every month, that number is growing fast.

So the math is simple: You get free baby supplies, they make contact with an engaged customer, and you decide whether or not you want more from them. It’s a win-win for everyone — especially your baby.

Click here to try Your Baby Club in the United States.