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Monitor Your Child’s Phone, Texts & More with Qustodio Parental Control App

by Parentology

If your child is sharing more with the internet than they are with you, there’s a legitimate reason to worry. From cyberbullying to sexting and online predators, there are a lot of dangers that come with having a smartphone.  Just sending one harsh text or provocative photo to the wrong person could ruin your child’s life for years.

Luckily, there’s Qustodio the leading parental control app for families worldwide. Qustodio allows you to monitor your kids’ phone and online activity without directly interfering with your child’s day-to-day life. It’s a powerhouse — even letting you view their text messages.

Qustodio Allows You to View:

  • Incoming and outgoing texts and calls
  • A child’s browser and search history
  • The time kids spend on apps and social networks
  • Your child’s location
Qustodio app review - Activity log

Qustodio Parental Control Also Lets You:

  • Block explicit content
  • Set screen time limits
  • Set limits on individual games and apps
  • Monitor your child’s Facebook and YouTube use, and more

If your child uses an Android device, you will be able to also monitor their text messages. While Apple’s iOS devices don’t allow this at the moment, the other Qustodio features are accessible on iPhone. The system even offers your child a “Panic Button” option to call for help in case of an emergency.

How It Works

Installation couldn’t be simpler. Just download Qustodio on every kids’ device, including smartphones, tablets, and/or desktops, then use your own smartphone or computer to supervise their activity. It even works on most iOS, Android, Kindle, Mac, and Windows devices. 

Best of all, Qustodio offers a FREE TRIAL. After that, the price is very affordable and varies depending on the number of devices you want to enroll. For the most basic plan, it’s less than $5 a month and covers five devices.

Parents want their kids to have freedom, make mistakes, and grow on their own. But in this ever-changing tech-centric world, it’s important for parents to have visibility into their kid’s digital lives. Whether you’re giving your child their first phone, or you’ve already encountered the negative impacts the internet has on children, now you can be involved in your child’s online safety without being a helicopter parent.