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How to Protect Your Teen from Adult Content, Screen Addiction, Predators & More

by Parentology
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As a parent, you know that technology moves fast. The trouble? Kids are way better at navigating it than most adults, which means they can often do what they want despite a parent’s best efforts. And while they may think they’re smart/savvy/mature enough to handle whatever comes their way, parents know better. 

That’s where Net Nanny comes in. This award-winning content filtering technology allows kids to use their apps, play games, communicate with friends and browse the internet, while still protecting them from exposure to inappropriate or dangerous content. We dug in to examine Net Nanny Parental Control software and other features.

Why Use Net Nanny?

Most apps, web browsers and devices offer regular parental controls that can help tackle major teen issues, such as excessive screen-time or accessing certain websites. However, you have to set them up for each app, browser, and device individually. It’s a lot of work, and it’s easy for a parent to miss something. Beyond that, kids often know how to disable those features — sometimes without the parents even knowing.

This leads some parents to dish out the ultimate thread: Get in line, or we’ll take away your device entirely. Unfortunately, with so much school work, communication, and social interaction happening online, research shows that it can actually be harmful to completely cut a child off from tech. Net Nanny parental control software helps strike a balance.

Net Nanny Parental Control Functions

net nanny parental control

First off, you can set up all of Net Nanny’s functions from one easy-to-use dashboard. Secondly, Net Nanny is compatible with a smartphone, tablet or computer, both Android and iOS devices, and it offers a variety of useful functions.

Parental Controls
Set up and monitor strong settings that you can operate from one online dashboard.

Location Tracking
Attached to the child’s main smartphone, you can know where they are in real-time.

App and Website Blocking
See the sites they’re visiting, what apps they’re using, and block whatever you don’t think is appropriate. Settings can be individualized for each child.

Internet Filtering
Block each child’s profile from sites containing specific themes, such as weapons and drugs or suicide and other mature content. It can also be set up to alert you if the child visits a questionable site.

Porn Blocking
Whether it’s deliberate or accidental, you can set up filters to keep adult content off your child’s device.

Screen Time Management
Lock down the times of day, and how long, they can use their devices.

The Parental Dashboard can be accessed on any web-connected device or through the Net Nanny Parent App, so you can adapt settings at any time. Net Nanny also offers a Family Feed, that alerts parents to suspicious activity and gives visibility to a child’s online activity in real-time. 

The Cost

Net Nanny offers different options, but the best value for an average size family is $54.99 per year. It offers all of Net Nanny’s features and lets you install it on 5 different devices, so you can monitor activity on phone, computer, and tablet for one or multiple children.

While Net Nanny doesn’t support call/text monitoring (we recommend Qustodio for that), it does give parents visibility into what their kids are doing on their phones and computers. And with its constant updates and easy interface, Net Nanny helps parents stay one step ahead of the tech curve.