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Why Kids Are Flipping for These Cool Online Summer Camps

by Jenny Heitz

Summer approaches, but for many kids, in-person camps might not be a viable option. Enter Clubba Camps, an online company that originally featured extracurricular online clubs and now offers inventive summer camp classes to keep kids occupied for a couple hours every day.

And kids, it turns out, are loving them.

Clubba is a new company, founded in 2020 by entrepreneurs Ifrah Khan and Conor Ford. Initially, it was a babysitting marketplace, but when the pandemic hit the pair pivoted to online clubs for kids. The next step, summer camp classes, was a logical extension.

But the reason kids are so excited is because Clubba Camps are in tune with today’s trends — from tutorials on making YouTube and TikTok videos to robotics coding and learning about the stock market.

“These camps are fun, can be done online, and are hard to find at other places because of the inaccessibility to counselors who are skilled at these themes,” CEO Ifrah Khan tells Parentology. “Gen Z kids especially love creative outlets, and YouTuber and jewelry making allows them to actually make things they can show off.”

However, she adds that it’s not all about social media and art projects. “Money Camp is for those Gen Z kids who love stocks and want to learn more about money. One mom who added her child said, ‘He wants to be a millionaire, so he was super excited about this one.'”

Most Popular Clubba Camps

Some of Clubba’s most popular classes should be no surprise. The YouTube video camp teaches kids real skills like framing and shooting a good video, creating quality thumbnails, video editing through free video software, and using tips from top YouTubers to make their videos 10x better. And within those fun lessons, kids are also learning about photography, videography, and marketing — skills that could pay off much later in life.

Many of the popular Clubba Camps have an enterprising feel as well:

  • Jewelry making and marketing it on Etsy.
  • TikTok dancing and growing your audience.
  • Money Camp where they learn about debit and credit cards, the stock market, taxes, investment strategies, and cryptocurrency. They can even engage in simulated stock trading with their peers.

These are actual life skills that are definitely not taught at school. 

Other classes include Robotics, Create Your Own Business, Creative Writing, Bollywood Dance, and PhotoShop Master Camp. 

A Savior for Parents

For busy parents, Clubba’s classes boast another bonus: two hours per class, multiple days a week, with no need for parental supervision.

“Our counselors are all college students or recent grads who’ve had experience with kids in a camp format, a virtual format, and a teaching format,” Khan explains. “We recruit really energetic counselors and make sure we have diversity from a range of ethnicities, schools, and skills.”

Plus, they keep camps intentionally small with only five people, so it’s easier for all the kids to socialize and get attention from the camp counselor. Clubba Camps also include movement and dance breaks, so kids aren’t just staring at a screen for hours. Add in that 60% of Clubba Camp attendees are repeat customers, and you’ve got an innovative, new recipe for success.

While the past year changed the way many families function, the fun and learning of summer camps isn’t dead. It’s just evolved — thanks, in part, to Clubba Camps.

Visit Clubba Camps to see all their offerings.