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Why Parents Love This Free 20-Minute Family Therapist Call

by Jenny Heitz

After the most challenging year in generations, kids and families could use some help. New online therapy company Manatee aims to give California and Colorado families that helping hand with a free 20-minute family therapy call.

The so-called “return to normal” hasn’t permeated every family; many kids feel stressed and anxiety-ridden, and parents don’t always know how to help them. While some trepidation is understandable, many families find themselves struggling with unfamiliar emotions.

Kids, in particular, have difficulty managing emotional stress. “Their brains are not fully developed, they don’t have as many problem-solving skills as we do, and they don’t have the coping skills we do when feeling emotionally overwhelmed,” child and adolescent psychologist Emily W. King told the Washington Post.

“Anxiety is at an all-time high with both kids and parents,” agrees Manatee’s CEO Damayanti Dipayana. She explains to Parentology. “This is not surprising, given the uncertainty, change, and stress we have all experienced these past 18 months. Now that the country is starting to reopen, there is a lot of stress around post-pandemic life.”

That’s where Manatee — which has been used at numerous children’s hospitals across the US — comes in.

Online Programs Tailored to Your Child

Is your child experiencing these issues?

  1. Worries holding them back
  2. Day-to-day activities impacted (school, playing with friends)
  3. Less interested in things that used to excite them
  4. Physical complaints (stomach aches, headaches, etc.) but doctors do not find anything wrong

If so, then Manatee’s free 20-minute call with one of their trained therapists could be useful. 

“There are many different paths the family can choose from and the 20-minute free consultation can help steer you in the right direction on what’s the best choice for your family. Every family and case is different so the criteria vary,” Dipayana says.

Free Therapy For Kids
Photo: Manatee

Manatee offers their free app as well as paid sessions, but this 20-minute consultation is a great starting point because it lets parents and kids see if this is a good fit — and at no cost or obligation.

Manatee’s larger paid programs include weekly therapy sessions as well as lessons, tools, and tips for both the child and parent through the Manatee App. They can also include:

  • Weekly, high-quality therapy sessions with a family therapist.
  • Evidence-based courses for the family to build understanding and empathy.
  • Continuous clinical evaluations and goal tracking — so you know what works!
  • Tactical tips and activities to reclaim family bliss.
  • Access to a beautiful family mobile app to integrate skills into your day to day. 

Free Therapy For Kids

Getting to the “new normal” isn’t easy — but tools from Manatee counselors can help kids and families navigate it better than ever. For California and Colorado families and parents, the best place to start is to schedule a 20-minute call with one of their trained therapists.

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