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WATCH: Pure Flix — the Ultimate Family-Friendly Streaming Service

by Steven Herrera

There are many high-profile, family-focused streaming services out there, such as YouTube Kids and Disney+, but sometimes their content concerns parents. There have been numerous reports of children watching acceptable videos on YouTube, only to stumble onto something inappropriate despite YouTube’s parental controls. And while Disney has a market on family content, some material can still be a little racy for parents’ tastes. Nevertheless, families continue subscribing to services like these because there doesn’t seem to be any other options… until now.

Pure Flix is a faith-based streaming service offering a mix of family-friendly and Christian entertainment. The company launched in 2015, after their film God’s Not Dead became the highest-grossing independent film of the year prior. The company’s vision is to positively impact the global culture through media, and aims to be the trusted destination for the highest quality family-friendly content.

What Does Pure Flix Streaming Offer?

It’s hard to compete against powerhouses like Disney, with its Marvel and Star Wars brands tied into the price. So, is Pure Flix streaming worth it?

First off, Pure Flix offers a free month to test out the service. That’s longer than you’ll find on any other streaming service, and it lets you access the entire library.

The service includes movies for all ages, an extensive collection of kids’ animated titles, comedy series, classic movies and shows, documentaries, educational programs, and more. While much of the content reflects Christian values, not all of the topics are biblical in nature, with stories including more general themes of kindness, love, and compassion. Many titles are independent productions but feature well-known actors. For example, Mira Sorvino and Sean Astin star in Do You Believe?, while Faith of Our Fathers includes Stephen Baldwin and Candace Cameron Bure. Other big names like Della Reese, David A.R. White, Luke Perry, Jeff Foxworthy, Kevin Sorbo and Teri Polo fill their ranks.

Content can be streamed on everything from Apple TV and Roku to Xbox and Chromecast—basically, any streaming device available. The service offers thousands of titles, with many available in Spanish. Unlike other streaming services, there are no language, violence, or sexual surprises; any film containing those elements still demonstrates faith-driven stories and are indicated with parental warnings. Finally, for homeschooling families, free lesson plans are available for download.

There are two membership plans—monthly ($10.99 USD) and yearly ($83.33 USD). But, again, a one-month free trial is available, and memberships can be canceled at any time.

And here’s the really cool news! Movie nights are more meaningful with Pure Flix streaming because your membership fees are used to positively impact lives. The company donates part of its revenue to organizations that enable adoptions, feed the hungry, and serve others in need. This could literally be the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

In times of turmoil, people often want to watch wholesome, family-friendly titles that carry a message of hope. With uplifting original content, feel-good movies, inspirational documentaries, and laugh-out-loud television series, Pure Flix streaming is changing the way faith and family entertainment is accessed.

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