Disney Continues to Suck the Magic Out of Timeless Classics

Disney’s classic animated films are more than just entertainment: they’re an escape from reality—a way to forget about problems or worries and immerse yourself entirely in another world where anything is possible. 

The magic of these movies transcends the screen into real life; I can still remember how much fun my family had watching The Lion King in cinemas all those years ago.

But what happens when you take that otherworldly experience away? 

The recent push for “realistic” live-action adaptations of some of Disney’s most beloved classics is a trend that I struggle to understand. Who likes these films?

Recently, a new teaser trailer for the upcoming The Little Mermaid remake hit the internet. It confirmed every doubt I had when I heard about this live-action take. Who would prefer this to the original??

The colors look severely muted. Even a movie as inconsequential as the Pinnochio live-action remake at least nailed most of the characters’ designs, but not so this time.

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Of all the recent Disney live-action adaptations, The Little Mermaid is the most controversial. The delayed release date implies some vast reshoots have been conducted, and that’s rarely a good thing for a movie of this caliber.

Bottom line: there was simply no need for a Little Mermaid remake. The original holds up beautifully. Still, that’s all part of Disney’s recent marketing push, a company that seems hellbent on removing the magic from some of its most iconic properties.

At the very least, let’s all hope that Pixar’s classics can avoid this soulless reboot treatment. Though I fear it’s only a matter of time before we’re confronted with a live-action Toy Story.

Joshua Chang

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