Government Issues Warning After Baby Trend Stroller Causes Death of a Toddler

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Baby Trend are warning consumers about a risk of head or neck entrapment between the pivoting front canopy and the arm rest or seat back of Baby Trend’s Sit N’ Stand Double and Ultra strollers.

The space in front of and behind the strollers’ pivoting front canopy can entrap a child’s head or neck if a non-occupant child climbs on the exterior of the stroller or when a child in the front seat of the stroller is not securely restrained in the seat using all five points of the harness.

Entrapment could lead to a loss of consciousness, serious injury, or death.

The model numbers in question begin with SS76 or SS66 and were sold online at BabyTrend’s website, from Amazon, various online retailers, and in stores including Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, and buybuy BABY.

“Consumers can mitigate the hazard by removing and separately storing the canopy when not in use, not allowing children to play on the strollers, and always fully securing children in the strollers with the built-in five-point harness,” noted the CPSC’s warning.

Baby Trend has received one report of neck entrapment in the space between the front of the canopy tube and arm rest of a Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand double stroller, resulting in the asphyxiation death of a non-occupant 14-month-old whose father was nearby but unable to see the child.

The company also received another report of entrapment in the space between the back of the canopy tube and the seat back of the front seat, resulting in neck bruises to a 17-month-old child, who was partially secured.

The Sit N’ Stand strollers have been on sale since 2009, and the company said more than a million units have been sold nationwide.

“This tragic and exceedingly rare accident could have been altogether avoided if the young toddler had not been permitted to climb and play on the stroller, which was not being used as intended at the time,” the company said via press release.

Carlo Garcia

Carlos is a new dad, an old son, and a youth sports coach. He's also a freelance writer who loves to buy and try the latest tech products.

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