10 Things We Should Learn From Billie Eilish and Finneas’ Amazing Mom and Dad

Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell are two of the most successful people in the music industry. They have sold more than 41.5 million digital singles and 5 million albums. So far, Finneas has won 8 Grammy Awards, and Billie has won 7.

They are both incredibly talented and became famous while they were still young, yet they always seem very humble, grateful, and relatable in their interviews.

Unlike other famous musicians and singers who get caught up in their hype and end up spiraling, Finneas and Billie have always managed to stay grounded. That’s because they have two of the best parents in the world.

Without their parents doing such an incredible job supporting and encouraging Billie and Finneas, homeschooling them, and raising them in a non-conventional way, who knows if they would have been able to be so successful that early in their lives?

In a podcast with Rich Roll, Billie and Finneas’ mother, Maggie Baird, opened up to Rich to discuss her highly-communicative and nurturing parenting style that helped her children become two of the most famous and talented people in the world.

Many parents who are looking for the best parenting style for their children could learn so much from Maggie. She has managed to do the impossible and balance being nurturing and protective of her children while still allowing them to have a lot of freedom to express themselves.

Here are ten things that parents should learn from Billie and Finneas’ amazing parents, Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell.

1) Foster Independence

Instead of telling Billie and Finneas what to do, Maggie and Patrick focused on teaching their kids how to do things and help themselves. They allowed their children to take risks and make mistakes, which helped them become more independent and self-sufficient.

2) Encourage Creativity

Maggie and Patrick recognized their children’s talents immediately and encouraged them to pursue their passions, whether it was singing, writing, or producing music. They took an active interest in their children’s passions and were their number-one fans from the start. Even though they were very supportive parents, they knew not to push their children and allowed them to explore their creativity at their own pace.

3) Embrace Individuality

Billie is known for her wild fashion sense that has started many fashion trends, while Finneas has always done things his own way, especially when it comes to making music. Because their parents supported their individuality since birth, Billie and Finneas have never been afraid to be themselves and have indeed been able to shine as artists.

4) Teach the Value of Hard Work

Even though Maggie and Patrick were actors and Maggie taught comedy with the famous improv group, the Groundlings, their family was not wealthy before Billie and Finneas became famous. These hard-working parents taught their children the value of hard work by encouraging them to do odd jobs and save for things they wanted.

Billie and Finneas have achieved incredible success in the music industry, but it’s been through hard work and dedication. They became famous after they uploaded their song, “Ocean Eyes,” on Soundcloud after making songs for years. They recorded the song in Finneas’ childhood bedroom, which went viral. Soon, these hard-working and dedicated kids because household names.

5) Practice Non-Violent Communication

Non-violent communication stresses the importance of “deep listening” and being compassionate and empathetic towards others. It’s also about being mindful of how you speak to people. Instead of screaming or saying mean things when you’re upset, you should wait until you’ve calmed down to discuss how you’re feeling. It’s also important to ask the other person how they’re feeling and really listen to them.

Maggie and Patrick took non-violent communication parenting classes, and it has had a substantial positive impact on how they communicate, not just with their children but with everyone they interact with. They have had excellent communication with their kids and are open and honest with them while always actively listening to what they have to say and acknowledging their thoughts, feelings, and opinions.

By always talking to Billie and Finneas and really listening to them, they created a strong bond built on trust and open communication that still goes on today. Even though Billie and Finneas are adults and living on their own, they still talk to their parents and each other every single day. Their family bond is solid!

6) No Punishment, No Reward

Billie and Finneas grew up without being punished or rewarded. Instead, their parents led by example and explained the consequences of their actions to them so that they could decide what was right and wrong.

Instead of saying “good job” when Billie and Finneas did things that everyone should be doing, like brushing their teeth, they focused on acknowledging their child’s milestones and accomplishments and asking them how they felt about achieving those goals. This method of acknowledgment instead of rewarding fosters independence, self-motivation, and self-love rather than seeking validation from others.

7) Prioritize Mental Health

Billie Eilish has been very open about her struggles with depression and has even mentioned in interviews that she has felt suicidal. She credits her mom for saving her life during an exceptionally dark time. Maggie made it a point to keep checking in with her daughter, reminding her that if she didn’t want to keep touring, she didn’t have to. She encouraged her daughter to rest more and get help.

8) Choosing to Homeschool

After the horrific Columbine shootings, Maggie and Patrick decided it was safer to homeschool their children. This decision was not only safer for the musical duo, but it allowed them to learn more freely and creatively, which was a better fit for their unique and creative personalities.

9) Teaching Compassion

Finneas and Billie were raised vegan and were encouraged to be empathetic and compassionate towards animals, people, and the planet.

Billie famously stopped her concert in the middle of a song to make sure that a fan got an inhaler. She cares about her fans and has been very vocal about her climate activism.

When Billie goes on her world tours, she practices sustainable touring and supports her mom’s non-profit organization Support and Feed, which provides plant-based meals to food-insecure communities.

10) Taking Parenting Classes

Maggie and Patrick didn’t magically become amazing parents; they took parenting classes to learn about non-violent communication and adaptive parenting.

Non-violent communication is all about effectively expressing your needs and feelings without attacking or blaming others. It’s a way to resolve conflicts peacefully and create a more positive and loving environment for your family. This type of communication can also help children learn how to express themselves in a healthy and constructive way.

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Adaptive parenting is about being flexible and adaptable in your approach to parenting. Every child is different and has unique needs, so it’s important for parents to be able to adjust their parenting style to meet those needs. Adaptive parenting can also help parents navigate challenging situations and find effective solutions to problems.

By taking parenting classes, Maggie and Patrick were able to become even better parents to their children. They were able to create a loving and supportive environment that allowed Billie and Finneas to thrive and achieve their goals.

Every family is different and has different needs, but all children need to be loved, supported, encouraged, and listened to. Remember, there’s no such thing as a perfect parent, but by loving your child unconditionally, doing your best, being flexible, and constantly learning and adapting your parenting style as your child grows, you can be an awesome parent for your kid!

Tracy Lowe

Tracy is a writer and filmmaker from Los Angeles, but Thailand has been her primary home for over a decade. She has more than 13 years of experience teaching young children and is a major proponent of the Reggio Emilia approach to learning.

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