Mom Forgetting to Pack Her Clothes on a Camping Trip Goes Viral

Traveling by yourself can be hectic enough, but traveling as a family with younger kids can be a nightmare! Especially if you’re an overworked mom like Amanda Ayala from Wisconsin who recently posted a TikTok video that went viral.

Amanda went on a camping trip with her husband, Efrain, and their two kids who are ages 9 and 12. While getting ready to go to the camping showers, Amanda was so occupied with packing for her kids that she forgot to pack her own clothes!

In the video with the caption “Moms always suffer,” Amanda is seen walking towards her family’s vehicle at night wrapped in a towel with wet hair looking pissed in the way that only a mom could.

“Hey! Why (does) everybody else have clothes on and you’re still in your towel?” Amanda’s husband, Efrain, asks.

“Because I’m the mom,” Amanda said. “And I get everybody else’s s— together and not my own. So, I come to the shower house with nothing. So here I am.”

“I had a super peaceful shower,” answers the dad with a death wish. “It was nice.”

At first, Amanda is too upset to respond, but then grumbles, “Take me home.”

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The comments are full of moms who relate to Amanda’s plight.

A user by the name of @alishabobesha replied, “This is why vacations and camping are more work than fun when you’re the mom.”

Another user named @logansmama2018 said “Same reason I’m never in any photos – bc I’m always the one taking them & no one ever thinks about capturing moments that I might be in with my son.”

One of the funniest comments came from a user named @torytiktoks who wrote, “‘Local man goes missing during a family camping trip.’😂”

I hope Amanda is able to take a real vacation, sans kids, soon. She and all the other overworked and underappreciated moms deserve it!

Tracy Lowe

Tracy is a writer and filmmaker from Los Angeles, but Thailand has been her primary home for over a decade. She has more than 13 years of experience teaching young children and is a major proponent of the Reggio Emilia approach to learning.

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