Interview: Why ‘Transformers’ Continues to Captivate Audiences

Transformers EarthSpark on DVD

Whether you’re all about the Autobots or a diehard Decepticon, it’s time to roll out with the Transformers on a new, extraordinary journey.

Transformers: EarthSpark is now available on DVD. Packed with jaw-dropping action sequences, pulse-pounding adventure, and heartwarming moments, this release is a must-have for both die-hard Transformers OG’s and new fans alike.

In this action-packed series, we join the beloved Malto family, alongside iconic favorites Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, as they dive headfirst into an electrifying series of missions.

Transformers: EarthSpark is poised to captivate audiences with its immersive storytelling and engaging characters. This release promises to deliver 10 exhilarating episodes that will transport viewers to a world where friendship, diversity, inclusion, and the power of family reign supreme.

The series takes place after the Transformers war on Earth has concluded, and follows the Malto family as they move to the remote town of Witwicky, Pennsylvania, in search of a fresh start. However, they soon discover that their lives are about to become intertwined with a group of Terran Transformers, the first Transformers robots born on Earth.

As the series progresses, the Malto family embraces the Terrans as part of their own, showcasing the idea that family is not limited to blood relations but is formed through love and acceptance.

When an evil half-human/half-robot cyborg known as Dr. Meridian, or MANDROID, threatens the peaceful existence they seek, Robby, Mo, and the Terrans join forces with legendary Autobots like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee to stop MANDROID and protect life as they know it.

Parentology had the opportunity to sit down with talented actor Sydney Mikayla (who voices Robby Malto), co-executive producer Dale Malinowski, and co-executive producer Ant Ward to discuss the highly anticipated DVD release, Megatron’s origin story, and why these robots from outer space continue to captivate audiences.

It’s Time to Power Up

One of the key aspects that the Transformers franchise has always emphasized is the importance of friendship, community, teamwork, and family. Transformers: EarthSpark continues to explore these themes in a powerful and engaging way.

“Having Robby and Mo able to come together with these earthborn Terrans and really take them into their family and feel included, I think the show really just shows that it doesn’t matter what you look like as long as you all care about each other,” she says. “There’s just so much love. It doesn’t matter about the blood relation, but about the love that there is. It shows that family doesn’t just look one way.” The message that family can take various forms and that differences can be strengths is a powerful one for young viewers to witness.

Robby is a dynamic character who undergoes personal growth throughout the series. Initially reluctant about moving to a new town, Robby learns to embrace his uniqueness and becomes a leader within his family.

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“As he gets into the series, he really realizes that his differences are his strengths and he is able to really become this leader in his household,” says Mikayla.

The storyline serves as an inspiration for children, showing them that they can make a positive impact in their households and communities, regardless of age or circumstances.

Robots in Disguise

Behind the scenes, the creative team faced the challenge of developing new characters, particularly the Terran Transformers. Ward explains that the goal was to give Transformers: EarthSpark its own unique voice and differentiate it from previous iterations of the franchise.

“We definitely wanted Transformers: EarthSpark to have its own unique voice,” he says. “We wanted to conceptually take it out of the familiar territory of the Autobot and Decepticon conflict. It’s a fantastic melting pot of creativity. It’s fun.”

By introducing a group of adolescent Transformers navigating their own journey of self-identity and blending their Earthborn and Cybertronian heritage, the show provides a fresh perspective on the Transformers universe. The series explores themes of self-identity and self-awareness, telling more personal stories while maintaining the core elements that make the Transformers universe so beloved.

Til All Are One

The choice to transform Megatron into a good guy is a significant development in Transformers: EarthSpark. Instead of retreading familiar ground, the creative team deconstructed the character of Megatron and delved into his history and motivations, aided in part by a ton of origin materials supplied by Hasbro.

“Where Transformers: EarthSpark begins, it’s a new chapter of their lives. And even before that happened, we’ve seen Megatron change before. So it wasn’t outside of his character to take a hard, critical look at the strategy of what they were doing and what they were trying to achieve and what might be the best way to do that and come to the conclusion that, you know what? An endless war is not for the betterment of our kind,” says Malinowski.

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By exploring Megatron’s past as an ally of Optimus Prime and their shared goal of overthrowing the oppressive caste system on Cybertron, the series takes a fresh approach to the iconic character. This change not only adds depth to Megatron’s character but also presents a powerful message about growth, redemption, and the possibility of putting aside differences for a better future. We could learn a lot from sentient robots.

Reaching Kids and Adults

Transformers: EarthSpark strikes a balance between entertaining new young viewers and appealing to long-time Transformers fans. Ward believes that the most enjoyable viewing experiences are those that resonate with both children and adults. By featuring classic characters in a new and exciting scenario, the series offers a fresh take while maintaining the core values of the franchise.

The inclusion of the main characters’ parents and their experiences in dealing with an expanded family adds another layer of relatability and enjoyment for viewers of all ages.

The response from audiences has been overwhelmingly positive; Transformers: EarthSpark is captivating viewers with its engaging storytelling and meaningful themes. Viewers have praised the show’s exploration of inclusion and community, as well as its ability to create relatable and inspiring characters.

“Having the G1 bots in this completely different scenario to what we’re used to is really fun to explore,” says Ward. “But then also having parents so front and center and how they’re dealing with this expanded family and the awkwardness and the fun and the joy of being a parent I think is really rewarding. Hopefully, my darling children will pick up on how wonderful everybody gets along on the screen and maybe that can rub off.”

In addition to the DVD release, Transformers: EarthSpark has been streaming exclusively on Paramount+ with the first 18 episodes of season one already available. The series has garnered significant acclaim and has already been renewed for a second season, further building anticipation among fans.

With its action-packed storytelling and lovable characters, the series continues to leave a lasting impact on both young viewers and long-time Transformers fans. Transformers: EarthSpark reminds us that family comes in various forms, differences can be strengths, and by embracing unity, we can overcome any challenge that comes our way.

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